Preventing medication errors may reduce liability claims

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Those who own and operate pharmacies may already know that medication errors are some of the most common medical mistakes made in the U.S. According to one estimation, annually as many as 1.5 million people are injured due to a medical error. Owners and operators of pharmacies will likely want to take as many steps as possible to prevent the number of malpractice claims filed against the facility. The following are three ways to reduce liability claims based on medication errors.

Prior authorization programs

The utilization of prior authorization programs can be a critical component in reducing medication errors. Prior authorization can prevent adverse events, especially among populations that are greatly contraindicated or should not receive certain drugs. Prior authorization programs are a viable means of reducing medication errors.

Bar codes

Electronic technology can make health care facilities safer for patients and reduce facility liability. For example, the use of medication bar coding can help ensure that the right patient is receiving the right dosage of the right medication.

Electronic prescription records

These days, many physicians use an electronic prescription system that contains a record on each patient they prescribe a drug to. This data provides the pharmacy with the information needed to appropriately fill a prescription. Electronic prescription records can help prevent adverse drug reactions, duplicate prescriptions filled and medication contradictions.

Reducing instances of medication errors can reduce liability claims

When fewer medication errors are made, fewer patients are harmed, and fewer lawsuits are filed against the allegedly responsible facility. Simply put, reducing medication errors is good for all involved. Pharmacy owners who want to learn more about reducing liability claims can seek the help of a professional in these matters.


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