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More Than 60 Years’ Experience Fighting Liability And Medical Causation

At The Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C., we deliver effective liability defense representation to businesses and their insurance companies on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Auto liability — Our firm has a long history of providing an effective defense against liability after an auto accident.
  • Trucking and transportation liability — Trucking companies and their insurers often face the potential for substantial liability after a trucking accident. We can provide the protection your business needs.
  • Dental malpractice liability — We understand dental malpractice claims and how to defend against them.
  • Nursing home liability — Attorney John Connors brings direct experience with the issues nursing homes face from his time serving as a founding member of the board of directors of a nursing home for more than a decade.
  • Pharmacy medication errors — Our skilled defense can protect your business from unnecessary exposure to liability for a medication error that occurred at a pharmacy.
  • Premises liability — When property owners face exposure to liability for injuries on their property, we provide an effective defense.
  • Retail store liability — We can cut through the potentially complicating issues to build a strong defense against liability for an injury in a retail store setting.
  • Coop/condo liability — Our firm understands how the ownership structure can impact premises liability cases in coops or condominiums.
  • Apartment building liability — Apartment building owners and their insurance companies need representation they can depend on to prevent unnecessary exposure to liability for injuries in an apartment building.
  • Dram shop liability — Bar, nightclub and restaurant owners face liability for harm caused by their intoxicated patrons, we can defend you against liability under the dram shop laws.
  • Negligent security — Has your business been accused of providing negligent security and that such lapse led to an injury? Our experience can protect your business.
  • College liability for sexual assault — Our skilled liability defense attorneys offer a skilled defense against allegations of liability related to sexual assault and disciplinary proceedings for sexual assault.
  • College academic and residential discipline liability — When colleges face legal action for academic and residential disciplinary actions we can provide the defense you need.
  • Products liability — Our experience defending manufacturers against claims of having marketed dangerous or defective products allows us to offer businesses the help they need when they face legal action.
  • Construction site liability — With New York laws that can put liability for construction site injuries on property owners as well as construction businesses, experienced liability defense is essential. Our decades of experience can protect your business from liability for construction site injuries.
  • Insurance coverage disputes — For insurance companies, coverage disputes are part of the business. Having an effective defense can minimize your exposure.
  • Employment discrimination — We are skilled at creating effective defenses against claims of employment discrimination.

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The Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C., offers decades of experience you can rely on to help protect your business from exposure to liability. We represent business clients throughout New York’s five boroughs.

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