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May 2019 Archives

What duty of care do you owe to visitors?

You might believe that as a property owner in New York, you only need to concern yourself with the safety of those that you invite into your home or onto your land. Yet your actual legal duty of care to visitors is quite a bit more complex. While you might think that those who trespass on your property assume whatever risks might be associated with being there, the law may sometimes disagree, placing the responsibility on you to ensure that even trespassers stay safe while on your premises. 

How to prevent polypharmacy errors

As a pharmacy professional in New York, you are fully aware of the care and attention to detail that must be given to your patients. Each person has a unique profile of medications given by physicians, nurses and a host of specialists, tailored to treating a certain condition or ailment. While some medications work better when taken in conjunction with other drugs, some medications can cause serious side effects and potential adverse reactions when taken together. It can be challenging to pick out these interactions, especially when the patient is taking many medications at once. Patients may go to several prescribing doctors and specialists, who may be unaware of what the other doctors are prescribing. In some cases, polypharmacy can lead to serious medication errors, patient harm and even death under certain circumstances.

Class action litigation defense costs continue to rise

The number of companies facing class action lawsuits may be on the decline, but the cost to defend those class action lawsuits is steadily rising. According to an article published on Insurance Journal, the defense cost increases can be attributed to more complex cases that are of higher risk to the business organization. In addition, many of the companies facing class action lawsuits are battling multiple suits at a time. 

How data analysis helps smaller trucking companies manage risks.

In the information age, data collection and analytics have affected best practices in every industry. From business decisions at the C-suite to basketball plays drawn up on a white board (or tablet), analytics have changed the way decision makers assess their landscapes. For risk management managers of trucking companies, data collection can be especially important to pre-emptively avoid common roadblocks for their companies.

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