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August 2019 Archives

What goes into naming new medications?

A number of medication errors in New York occur because of drug names that sound close enough to one another to be easily confused. For this reason, according to the American Society of Hematology, drug manufacturers take great care to avoid giving new medications names that are too similar to existing medications in spelling or phonetics. If a proposed name is too close to that of an existing pharmaceutical, the regulators may require the manufacturers to change it. 

How are you to proceed when road conditions are hazardous?

As the representative of a transportation carrier, you are often asked to walk a fine line. Your administrative duties may often require that you emphasize customer service (which in your case likely means that passengers get to their destinations both in New York and beyond on time). Yet your obligation to the safety of both your drivers and passengers may also require that your decisions be made with their overall bests interests in mind (even if it requires upsetting patrons and potentially negatively impacting your customer service rankings). Few would want to be in your position when faced with such a decision, yet fortunately, federal law effectively makes the decision for you. 

How is negligent security proven?

Security companies are often hired by property owners and others to ensure a safe environment. When issues occur, third parties incurring injuries or property damage may file suit, both against the security company as well as any owners of the property. explains how negligent security is proven in order for a person to have a successful case. 

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