Suggestions to reduce the risk of a premise liability lawsuit

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Business owners in New York value the loyalty of their patrons and are constantly finding innovative ways to encourage more people to consider their products and services. Part of their ability to attract and maintain loyal customers is by providing a comfortable and safe place to shop.

Companies facing premise liability lawsuits may disagree about the events that ultimately resulted in an injury to one of their patrons. While they have the right to dispute liability claims, their awareness about how to prevent those kinds of claims in the first place may save them stress and resources in the long run.

The value of being proactive and vigilant

According to Forbes, companies should plan for unwanted situations such as a lawsuit. Adequate insurance protection may provide peace of mind and is one way that companies may reduce the impact of a lawsuit. In addition to insurance, business leaders should actively inspect areas of their property where hazards may create danger for their patrons.

If they come across a hazard, immediate action to implement a solution may prevent a crisis before it happens. Companies may benefit from keeping a record of inspections to verify the completion of regular maintenance and needed repairs.

Protecting patrons from slips and falls

Slipping, tripping and falling are some of the most common types of injuries that may happen on a company’s property. According to, if there are unavoidable hazards such as standing water or an uneven surface awaiting a repair, businesses should be forthright in warning their patrons of the impending danger. Clearly written signs may provide awareness to catch people’s attention before it is too late. If a fall does occur on company property, the use of an incident report that documents everything that happened may provide a valuable reference for both parties.

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