Why is security training important?

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Security officers have the important yet dangerous task of guarding persons, assets and property from people who would steal or inflict harm. Training is an essential part of preparing someone to become a security officer in New York. A security officer who is not well trained might not respond well when a crisis erupts. An injured party might even sue, claiming negligence on the part of the security company. 

A Security Magazine article demonstrates the problem of inadequate security officer training. In one incident in Iowa, a police officer was fighting with a suspect inside of a lobby and asked nearby security officers to assist him. However, the two security officers on the scene did not move in to help. Their lack of training prevented them from taking action to help the officer. 

There are no uniform rules when it comes to security officer training. Some states have laws that require security officers to receive training while others do not. Also, the nature of security training can be different from law enforcement. Law enforcement officers have a reactive mindset since they respond to crimes already committed, while security officers operate to prevent crimes from occurring. Yet some security officers receive training more appropriate for law enforcement than guarding a property. 

This is a problem that some security companies are currently addressing. There are companies that have active training regimens to train officers, both before they go on the job and while they are actively working security. There are also organizations that train officers for security companies. These organizations offer certifications to prove that the officers have finished their training. 

Security training also helps when it comes to liability. A company that documents that their officers have received training can help confirm that their officers are qualified and have the skills necessary to protect a location. If a party claims that the security officers were negligent, documentation can help show that the officers received a proper education and knew how to do their jobs. 

When security companies are faced with litigation over security negligence, producing training documentation, including training certification, may be important to contesting the case. Because security negligence cases take many forms, only read this article as general information and not as legal counsel for your situation. 

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