When might a hotel owner face a negligent security claim?

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As a hotel owner, you likely understand that premises liability claims are inevitable when a guest sustains an injury. You might have many precautions in place to protect your business and your finances from a premises liability claim, but you might not expect a negligent security claim.

If a hotel guest suffers an injury that a security guard could prevent, they may decide to file a negligent security claim against you. Take the necessary steps to prepare for this type of claim ahead of time by understanding when a negligent security case might arise.

What are the grounds for a negligent security claim?

Hotels and their staff members have a responsibility toward their guests to ensure their safety and well-being. If a guest sustains harm in an assault or mugging on hotel premises that would be otherwise avoidable through the presence of adequate security, there are grounds for a negligent security claim. Failing to provide adequate security is an act of negligence that breaches the hotel’s legal duty of care to its guests.

How can you defend yourself against a negligent security accusation?

Successfully refuting a negligent security claim often entails proving that your hotel upheld its due diligence in providing security. A thorough investigation may show that you employ an adequate security presence with all the proper industry-standard training. If a crime occurs on your premises despite your best efforts as the business owner, it may be that it was not preventable.

Hotels located in or near areas with a high crime rate may have an increased likelihood of seeing a negligent security claim. Maintaining an appropriate security presence is the best way to prevent assaults on the premises and to refute a negligent security accusation if one does arise.

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