How can nursing homes reduce the risk of a negligence claim?

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Nursing homes pride themselves on their ability to provide care and comfort to the individuals who need it most. If your nursing facility stands accused of negligence, however, your reputation may suffer in the long term.

The mere mention of negligence can impact a potential resident’s perception of your nursing home, even when your legal advocate successfully clears you of any charges. You can mitigate the risk of a negligence claim in the first place by taking steps to reduce potential liabilities ahead of time.

Provide appropriate training

Nurses and staff members may perform a wide variety of duties within your facility, so it is important that everyone receives appropriate training. It will become clear that each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, and those in managerial positions should assign responsibilities accordingly. Proactive leaders should also be mindful of the relationships between individual nurses and patients, as it is easy for unintentionally spiteful actions to occur when relations are sour.

Enforce nursing home policies

Your nursing home likely has a thorough set of policies that should inform staff members on how to conduct themselves in any workplace situation. You can expect a low risk of abuse or negligence when staff members follow the provided guidelines closely. However, it is up to leaders within the nursing home to enforce those policies as strictly as necessary.

When nursing home staff understands and adheres to the provided policies and best practices, the risk of negligence becomes increasingly low. Similarly, a facility that is thorough in training its nurses and documenting interactions with residents can build a strong defense if a negligence claim does emerge.

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