Recovering compensation for harms caused by medication errors

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It is not uncommon for patients in New York to require a prescription follow a visit with a doctor or specialist. The reasons for a prescription can vary greatly; however, the process of obtaining a prescription is fairly universal. A doctor writes the prescription and either sends it to a pharmacy to get filled or gives it to the patient to take to the pharmacy to get filled. While it may seem like a simple process, many errors can occur when a prescription is filled. If an error occurs, a patient could suffer greatly.

Understanding pharmacy errors

At The Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C., our attorneys understand that not all patients are aware when the harms they have suffered are due to pharmacy errors. In contrast, our firm also notes that not all health and medical harms and complications are not attributed to medication errors. As such, we are dedicated to investigating these matters fully to gain all the information necessary to determine the cause of the harm and the liable party or parties.

Types of medication errors

A medical malpractice related to medication errors could be attributed to various factors. This includes wrong medications, the incorrect dosages, insufficient labeling of medications, improper instructions for medications and the failure to inform the patient of potential adverse interactions with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Our law firm notes that it can be challenging to discern the cause of the harms suffered. Thus, we not only task ourselves with determining cause and liability, but we also take the time to access the damages suffered. It is important for our clients to be adequately compensated for the harms suffered due to medical negligence.

Our law firms understands that the errors of a pharmacist or medical professional could lead to a patient suffer adverse effects that could compromise their health, well-being and life. As such, we are here to aggressively fight for our clients, ensuring they are rightfully compensation for the harms suffered.


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