Defending against allegations in a premises liability case

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Owning property in New York and New Jersey comes with certain rights and responsibilities – and property tax obligations. There are as many reasons for owning property as our readers could imagine, from residential or commercial uses to industrial and recreational uses. However, most property owners have one thing in common: if someone else is injured on your property, you may face a premises liability lawsuit.

So, how can you defend against the allegations? Well, you can start with the facts that are alleged in the lawsuit. What does the plaintiff claim caused the injury? Was there some type of defect or hazard? In most cases, there must be something specific about the property that caused the alleged injury to support a premises liability claim.

Then, you can look at the injury that the plaintiff allegedly suffered in the premises liability incident. Was the injury actually caused by whatever incident occurred on your property? Or was the injury, perhaps, pre-existing? How serious is the alleged injury? Is the plaintiff asking for a reasonable amount of compensation based on the seriousness of the alleged injury?

Preparing your case

These questions, along with a million others, are all part of preparing your case to defend against premises liability claims. At our law firm, we work with our clients to prepare a sound defense strategy in every case. Every fact that is alleged needs to be examined. Then, we assess the options for resolving the case, be it potential settlement or taking the case to trial. For more information, please visit the premises liability defense section of our law firm’s website.