Brawls at sporting events may prompt security claims

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During the first several weeks of the NFL season, several brawls between fans have broken out.

At a recent Kansas City Chiefs game, for instance, police made several arrests after a fight erupted in the stands.  While the extent of everyone’s injuries was not known, one man reportedly got knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw.

Witnesses did describe this man as the instigator of the fight.

Earlier this season, a fight broke out at the home field of the Los Angeles Rams. The incident also involved several people. One man had significant injuries to his face. There are reports that another fight happened more recently at another Rams home game.

Owners and others involved in sporting events may need legal protection

Of course, New Yorkers also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves at sporting events.

Aside from their famous professional basketball, baseball and football teams, there are also many other opportunities for people in the City to watch other professional, collegiate and amateur events.

On the one hand, fans who go to a sporting event should not have to worry about suffering serious injuries if they are involved in a fight, especially if they are not an aggressor.

Particularly when there are both alcohol and large crowds, event personnel should expect to provide some security so that people don’t get hurt.

On the other hand, fans are to some extent responsible for themselves. When tens of thousands of people are gathered, it can be hard for security to prevent all incidents and all injuries.

Businesses involved in the world of sports or other entertainment, and their risk managers, should consider their legal options in defending against negligent security claims and other claims related to fights and criminal activity.

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