Defenses to truck accidents when another driver is to blame

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Trucking And Transportation Liability Defense |

Sometimes truck drivers are blamed for everything but may not be responsible for causing a truck accident. There are a variety of negligent actions drivers of passenger vehicles can take to cause truck accidents and those actions may serve as a defense to a truck accident claim.

Common ways negligent passenger vehicle drivers cause accidents

There are several different ways negligent passenger vehicle drivers can cause truck accidents including:

  • By driving in the area beside a large truck where the truck driver has limited or no visibility. These areas are commonly referred to as “no-zones” and drivers should avoid driving in them.
  • By changing lanes abruptly in front of a truck which is heavier and may not have adequate time to respond.
  • By maneuvering to the right of a large truck that is making a right turn.
  • By misjudging the speed of an oncoming truck at an intersection and making a left turn in front of the truck.
  • By merging improperly into traffic, cutting a large truck off or causing it to need to maneuver or brake quickly.
  • By failing to slow down or speed up as needed when a large truck is changing lanes or needs to merge.
  • By engaging in unsafe passing such as passing without sufficient headway.
  • By pulling out into traffic in front of a large truck without accelerating sufficiently.
  • By driving in between large trucks.

Truck drivers have a tough job out on the roadways and negligent and careless drivers of passenger vehicles can make that job even more difficult. When a negligent driver of a passenger vehicle is to blame, it is important for truck drivers and trucking companies that have been involved in a truck accident to be familiar with their truck accident defense options.