Manufacturer-related brake problems can spark truck fires

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Driving a large truck is a major responsibility. When New Yorkers and people throughout the nation get behind the wheel of these massive vehicles, it can be intimidating even to those with experience. There are inherent risks with these vehicles and among the most common is the danger of a crash. People who have been injured and families who have lost a loved one in a collision with a truck will want to hold someone accountable for what happened. Often, that is the owner, the rental company or the leasing company. The truck driver and passengers can also be injured and seek compensation. A crucial fact to consider is if the accident came about due to truck manufacturing errors. This could impact liability and be part of a defense.

Manufacturing missteps with brakes could be causing fires

An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been initiated to analyze potential brake issues in large trucks that could result in fire. An estimated 500,000 trucks could have this problem. Thus far, 11 complaints have been made about these brakes. Manufactured by Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems, there have been seven fires believed to have been linked to the brakes. There have not been any injuries reported.

Certain trucks have predominated the reported brake risk including Peterbilt and Kenworth semis made from 2015 to 2020. Technically, the cause of the fire can be confusing to laypeople, but that does not mean they were at fault for a manufacturing gaffe. Trucks and cargo have had significant damage because of the fires and, according to the NHTSA, the brake chamber problem has been widespread with many truck fleets. There might be a recall if the danger is deemed substantial.

Mistakes during the building process can be fundamental to a defense

A truck suddenly and without warning catching fire is obviously dangerous to the driver and others on the road. If there was a manufacturer error and it is causing this, it could be a key factor in a trucking and transportation liability defense against claims for medical costs, lost income, wrongful death and more. Companies that purchased these trucks and moved forward in using them could be confronted with allegations that they are responsible for any mishap and the aftermath.

Investigating the accident, determining how it occurred and knowing if it was a manufacturer error that the company could not have known about might be a strategy to lodge a defense. From the outset, having experienced assistance in defending against claims is key and looking at the truck itself is a good place to start.


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