We may be able to help you in transportation liability defense

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When someone gets into a car or truck accident with a leased or rental vehicle, the rental or leasing company may be held responsible. In New York, the owner of a permissively operated vehicle is vicariously responsible for its negligent operation. Therefore, businesses that rent these vehicles become target defendants in personal injury cases.

Our law firm has represented hundreds of personal injury claims brought against the country’s largest car and truck leasing companies. We are aware of the techniques and strategies used to effectively defend against these claims. The defense tactics that we may employ include:

  • Professional engineers trained in accident reconstruction.
  • Physicians/engineers trained in medicine and the mechanics of dynamics.
  • Lease agreements that present obligations on behalf of the lessees who insure to the benefit of the lessors.

Many personal injury claims are exaggerated

Our law firm will defend our clients against these claims including distracted driving defense. We will use early intervention, prevention of spoilation, diligent discovery, retention of expert witnesses and surveillance of all weapons used to protect our clients when the plaintiff targets them. We have extensive experience in both federal and state court.

When you involve the trucking and transportation liability defense team at our office to protect your interests, you will receive the full force of our resources and personnel. We will also use our accident investigators and reconstructionists, transportation industry professionals and other experts to aggressively defend your business against claims of negligence, liability and wrongdoing. The personal relationships that we form with our clients allow us to understand their business and goals so we can collaborate to achieve the best possible results.

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