Negligent motorists often cause truck accidents

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It is a common misconception that accidents involving large trucks and semis are only caused by the drivers of those commercial vehicles. In reality, many accidents involving large trucks are the result of acts of negligence committed by private drivers. This post will discuss how driver negligence contributes to and causes accidents with commercial vehicles like semis, tankers, and delivery trucks. New York-based trucking companies and entities that use large vehicles for the transportation of their goods may seek the counsel of personal injury defense attorneys who represent parties that have wrongfully been targeted as liable for damaging truck accidents.

Negligent driving by private drivers

Not all private drivers are aware of the differences that exist between their small vehicles and the large delivery vehicles and commercial trucks that they encounter on New York roads and highways. For example, a large truck carrying significant cargo may take a lot longer to stop then a small sedan or personal sport utility vehicle. When private drivers fail to give trucks sufficient space to maneuver and stop, they can create situations where accidents can occur.

Similarly, drivers who fail to acknowledge the large blind spots that surround some large commercial vehicles can put themselves in danger if they fail to move to areas where truck drivers can see them. A driver who lingers in a truck’s blind spot may be hit or driven into by a truck driver who cannot see them. Driver awareness for both truck drivers in private drivers is imperative to avoid collisions on the roads.

Defending a truck accident claim

Truck drivers are generally required to meet specific licensing and experience requirements before they are allowed to operate rigs on public roads. After taking classes and passing tests to demonstrate their competency and capability for driving large trucks, truck drivers take their driving duties seriously. When they are involved in accidents, they and their employers may have concerns about what litigation may do to their insurance and financial standing.

Although every case is different, truck drivers and trucking companies can benefit from working with knowledgeable personal injury defense lawyers to address the allegations made against them. Different defense options may exist for different cases and attorneys can help their clients identify and advocate for their specific positions. This post does not provide any legal advice or recommendations on any specific truck accident claims.


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