Ways pharmacists can help reduce medication errors

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From time to time people in New York will become ill or suffer an injury. The severity of these illnesses and injuries definitely varies though. Some are not very severe and people can recover from them relatively quickly. Usually in these situations they do not need to go to doctors or seek medical treatment. However, this is not true for all illnesses and injuries and sometimes it becomes necessary to see doctors. During these visits it is common that people will be prescribed medications to treat the injuries or to manage pain caused by injuries.

The medications can be very effective at helping people deal with illnesses or injuries. These medications are often times narcotics though. It is important that they are administered correctly. This process starts with ensuring that the right medications are prescribed by the doctors, then that those prescriptions are communicated to pharmacists correctly and finally that the pharmacists fill and label the prescriptions correctly.

Essential responsibilities for pharmacists

Errors can occur during this process though. To help ensure that pharmacy medication errors do not occur though, pharmacists have certain responsibilities they need to follow.

  • Ensuring all people can obtain the medications – costs can sometimes be an issue, but pharmacists can find generic options or programs to help people afford the medication.
  • Provide proper medication education – discuss proper dosage with patients and proper times to take medication to ensure its taken properly.
  • Determine the appropriateness of the medication – evaluate the medication in light of the physical condition of the patient.
  • Provide health screenings – this could help detect hypertension or other health complications which could conflict with the medication.
  • Review medications – this can help determine what may be causing side effects or what medication may be more effective.

There are many people in New York who take medications. Unfortunately, sometimes medication errors are made though and people suffer consequences. Some of these errors can be made by pharmacists and can cause significant problems for the patients. However, sometimes there may be valid reasons why patients experienced adverse conditions that have nothing to do with the perceived error. These can be complicated cases though and consulting with experienced attorneys may be very beneficial.


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