Proper parking lot lighting important

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There are many ways that someone could get hurt when visiting your business, and you hold liability for any injuries that occur. It is well worth it for you to assess the hazards in and around your business that could pose a problem and to find solutions to fix them.

One of the areas on which to focus some attention is the parking lot lighting. Parking lots are inherently dangerous. Not only are there fall risks but also the risk of accidents. If your patrons cannot see well due to bad lighting and something happens, you are responsible.

Risks of bad lighting

According to the Lighting Center, a well-lit parking lot is essential for safety and security. Your customers will be less likely to visit your business after dark if you do not have proper lighting due to these risks.

Crime is more likely in a dark parking lot. There is also a larger chance of someone hitting a pedestrian with a car and increased chances of falling accidents.

A well-lit parking lot is inviting. It gives your customers the confidence to visit your business when it is dark outside.

Tips for parking lot lighting

Asset Management Alliance states that figuring out proper parking lot lighting is tricky due to issues with ensuring there is enough light for patrons but not too much light that it bothers neighboring areas. Light pollution issues can cause you a huge hassle, so you need to find a way to light up your lot without having too much light bleed into surrounding areas.

Furthermore, you want to be sure you take time to check placement and types of bulbs to get the full coverage you need without causing light pollution issues. Your goal is to provide enough light for patrons to clearly see any time of day and during any type of weather situation.

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