How can pharmaceutical errors be reduced?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Pharmacy Medication Errors Defense |

New York pharmacists have a lot on their plates. They are responsible for filling countless prescriptions every day. Besides that, they also have to stay on top of medical information. They must know the newest side effects, how medicines interact with each other and more. Unfortunately, even with the best training and concentration, pharmacy errors can still happen. Today we will look at how to reduce these.

The first thing to do is to ensure that your work environment is not understaffed or overworked. These are some of the top risks related to pharmacy errors. The more work a small team has to deal with, the more burned out they will be. The more burned out they are, the more mistakes they will make. Instead of tapping up a small team to do huge amounts of work, get larger teams. If you spread the work out among a big team, it alleviates stress.

Additionally, ensure that the entire team has thorough, up-to-date training. Everyone should be aware of the latest methods of handling medications. They should know how to deal with any situation, including emergencies. Good safety training helps cut down on miscommunication. It warns against taking hasty actions. You should also implement proper monitoring after safety training. This means having a period in which supervisors watch new trainees to ensure they use what they learn.

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