How can the trucking industry increase safety?

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Truck accidents are almost always serious situations. A large vehicle can cause a lot of property damage and can lead to severe injuries and death when a smaller vehicle is a part of the accident. It is imperative for both truck drivers and other drivers on the road to avoid accidents. However, the trucking industry also plays a role in accident reduction in New York. There are some things the industry can do to help make trucks safer and to help reduce accidents. 

Transport Topics explains that culture and mindset plays a large role in what the trucking industry can do to help prevent accidents and increase safety. While industry executives can introduce new technology and add cutting edge safety features to its vehicles, something that can have a bigger impact is simply becoming committed to safety. When top executives implement a safety mindset, it has a trickle-down effect. 

It will help influence everyone else within the company to start focusing on safety. This is because it becomes an important topic. Knowing that the higher ups have an eye on safety makes everyone else in the company want to focus on it as well. 

When everyone starts to focus on safety it becomes a priority. It is no longer something that everyone must do but something that they want to do. This goes a long way towards changing the whole atmosphere at a company. It makes it easier to implement changes and make requirements that increase safety. It also opens up communication about safety concerns, which is always beneficial. This information is for education and is not legal advice.