How can a pharmacy prevent prescription errors?

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When prescription errors happen it’s easy to assume negligence or malfeasance on behalf of the pharmacy. While medication errors are a serious matter, the fact remains that most pharmacies go above and beyond to prevent them from occurring, while also ensuring their customers can receive the proper medical care. explains what steps can be taken to prevent mistakes from happening.

Ensure multiple safeguards are in place

All prescriptions should be checked at a minimum of three times. This includes when the prescription is called in by the patient or doctor’s office when it’s entered into the computer system, and finally when the medicine is picked up. During the last step, talk with the patient to ensure they understand what the medication is used for, as well as answering any questions.

Document instructions

In some cases, the instructions accompanying medication may be hard to read. Follow up with the hospital or clinic that provided the prescription to have instructions clarified. Jot down details on the conversation so you can refer back to it later. Also, read back your notes to the person on the phone to make sure you’ve heard them correctly.

Take the pressure off staff

Efficient workflow helps your staff work better. When pressure rises the chance of making a prescription error are that much higher. You can increase efficiency by making sure you’re using up-to-date technology, while also managing staff correctly. For instance, when it comes to daily breaks it’s important that you have enough coverage to prevent issues from occurring. Also, don’t sacrifice quick turn around for quality.