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Keeping customers safe from tripping hazards

A concern of many business owners in New York that often goes unrealized by the busy patron is keeping their premises safe and free of hazards that could accidentally injure their customers. Often, companies spend time throughout the day monitoring their premises to make sure that hazards are dealt with in a timely manner before they turn into risks. 

What duty of care do you owe to visitors?

You might believe that as a property owner in New York, you only need to concern yourself with the safety of those that you invite into your home or onto your land. Yet your actual legal duty of care to visitors is quite a bit more complex. While you might think that those who trespass on your property assume whatever risks might be associated with being there, the law may sometimes disagree, placing the responsibility on you to ensure that even trespassers stay safe while on your premises. 

Defending yourself against fraudulent premises liability claims

These days, most residents of New York have probably seen at least one of those videos where someone intentionally falls so he or she can file a fraudulent premises liability claim, and such claims cost today’s home and business owners a substantial amount of time and money every year. At the Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C., we understand that some people regrettably fall on someone else’s property intentionally, and we have helped many people and businesses facing false premises liability claims get the full story on what transpired.

What is the attractive nuisance doctrine?

As spring arrives in New York, children start to emerge in greater numbers from their homes and resume those outdoor activities that the cold weather often prevents. With more children outside playing comes the added responsibility for property owners to see to their safety. You may go to great lengths to ensure that the children in the neighborhoods where you live or own property understand if there is anything on those properties that may be a danger to them. Often, however, your warnings may not be enough to extinguish their curiosity. 

Liability waiver does not protect gym in accident

Nearly everyone in New York is likely familiar with scenarios in which their participation in an activity has been contingent on signing a liability waiver. The need for such waivers may be understandable; there are certain actions that may carry with them inherent risks, and it may only make sense that participants realize that they assume those risks themselves. Yet activity providers should understand that liability waivers may only be limited to those potential dangers that arise from participation; unforeseen hazards may leave them exposed to liability claims. 

4 steps restaurants can take to prevent liability

Millions of people eat in restaurants each day. According to the National Restaurant Association, the industry makes around $800 billion in sales each year. Unfortunately, with the amount of people choosing to dine out, restaurant owners face several liabilities.

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