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What goes into naming new medications?

A number of medication errors in New York occur because of drug names that sound close enough to one another to be easily confused. For this reason, according to the American Society of Hematology, drug manufacturers take great care to avoid giving new medications names that are too similar to existing medications in spelling or phonetics. If a proposed name is too close to that of an existing pharmaceutical, the regulators may require the manufacturers to change it. 

What are off-label prescription drugs?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for approving medication. When medication is approved, it's for a specific therapeutic benefit. For example, medication can be approved to treat high blood pressure, seizures, or depression. Some medicines are approved for one thing but later found to be beneficial in some other aspect. This is what's known as off-label use. According to WebMD, the practice is quite common. However, it's not without its risks. 

How to prevent polypharmacy errors

As a pharmacy professional in New York, you are fully aware of the care and attention to detail that must be given to your patients. Each person has a unique profile of medications given by physicians, nurses and a host of specialists, tailored to treating a certain condition or ailment. While some medications work better when taken in conjunction with other drugs, some medications can cause serious side effects and potential adverse reactions when taken together. It can be challenging to pick out these interactions, especially when the patient is taking many medications at once. Patients may go to several prescribing doctors and specialists, who may be unaware of what the other doctors are prescribing. In some cases, polypharmacy can lead to serious medication errors, patient harm and even death under certain circumstances.

Common pharmacy errors and how to prevent them

As someone who makes your living dispensing medication in New York, you probably understand quite well that even the most minor pharmacy errors can have major consequences. At the Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C., we recognize that prevention is often your best defense against medication error claims, and we have helped many people in similar positions of responsibility take steps to protect or defend themselves against such claims.

Reviewing dosage recommendation guidelines

Most in New York assume that when they take medication prescribed to them by their doctors, their conditions will automatically improve. What is lost in this assumption is that medications are not guaranteed to work, along with the fact that they function by suppressing reactions within the body (which causes side effects). In any event, if you are the one who supplied them with medication, then the blame may be likely to fall to you. Your safeguard against liability is often to simply advise that patients follow the recommended dosage guidelines. Yet many in your same position often come to us here at The Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C. asking whose responsible for the validity of those recommendations. 

What are some common prescription errors?

Even a minor error when prescribing a drug can have major consequences. Along with prescribing the wrong medication, a doctor or pharmacy might get the dosage wrong or mistake one drug for another. explains some of the most common prescription errors so that patients can plan an active role in their health.

How can a pharmacy prevent prescription errors?

When prescription errors happen it’s easy to assume negligence or malfeasance on behalf of the pharmacy. While medication errors are a serious matter, the fact remains that most pharmacies go above and beyond to prevent them from occurring, while also ensuring their customers can receive the proper medical care. explains what steps can be taken to prevent mistakes from happening.

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