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Exposure to liability for personal injury or some other cause is a challenge that all businesses and organizations need to be prepared for at all times. Being caught unprepared to defend your business or organization against potential liability can lead to substantial costs and challenges that can impact resources that should be devoted to growth and maintenance.

With more than 60 years of focusing on the defense of liability claims, we understand the issues that are critical for us to be able to succeed in defending our clients. We also understand the internal pressures that our clients are experiencing because of the cases in which they are involved. Our goal is to deliver the results that are necessary and the level of service that shows our respect for our clients. We provide timely responses to inquiries as well as regular updates on case progress.

We offer our clients a combination of skill, experience and focus that helps them protect their businesses and organizations. The results we deliver are appreciated and have led to a high percentage of our clients coming by way of referral from other attorneys and past or present clients.

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Liability Defense Lawyers Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan And The Bronx

Connors & Connors, P.C., has a long history of providing liability defense representation. To schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled attorneys, call 718-619-4601 or contact us online.